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Episode 11

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 11

Nuno Meneses published on

why was the moon in a bad mood?

it was going through one of its phases!

back to business

let's take this next one to the skies, ever heard of the “no fly list”, of course you have. This is a list created by the Terrorist screening center, to make sure that whoever is on that list does not make it, inside a commercial airplane. the number of people on this list fluctuates every year, i wonder if they get a reset count on their status if they are on this list. in 2011 it's said that the list had around 10,000 names on it, in 2012 number double to 21,000, and a leak demonstrated that by 2013 there were over 47,000 names on this list. this list was created during george w. bush administration and still stands, and up until 2008 nelson mandela was on this list.

i do this and i'm pretty sure you do this also. how many times have we stood there pressing that crosswalk button 150 times, in the hopes that the light will say “walk” so we can cross. plenty of times, but it looks like our suspensions are not incorrect. new york city has purposely deactivated 2500 of the 3250 crosswalk buttons that the city has, making it a placebo button for the more paranoid. this was back in 2004, today it might just be all of them. this can be looked at as, a delayed gratification, where you have to wait for the sign or attempt the froggy dodging cars game.

If we look at the world of tire design and manufacturing we would think that michellin, toyo, continental, goodyear amongst others would be on the top of list in poduction. what if i told you we are all wrong. lego would be on the top of this list, with the most tires produced. in 2011 goodyear produced 181 million tires, michelin 184 million, bridgestone 190 million, and lego a wonderful 381 million. this would be nice and dandy if we are looking at tires in general, and not for road application, but its a good fact to pull on your friends. in terms of road use bridgestone would win. in 2014 bridgestone produced  an astonishing 29.3 billion dollars worth of tires.


we’ve all had those days where we order something, it arrives, just to find out it doesnt fit us, and then we have to return it. for most of us that period comes and goes, because 30 days for a person that isn't   in a hurry to return stuff passes by very quick. but on you have 365 days to return orders, they just ask for original packaging and original condition, but that isnt long enough just wait for february 29, then you will have until the next february 29 to return it. thats 4 years. i have never seen any company do this. again they just ask for original packaging and original condition.


space is a bitch to you

while the thought of being in space sounds wionderful,  but once you are there, things tend to backfire on you. For some unexplainable reason, scientics at NASA cant explain this one, your skin goes through a molting process, like birds. the human skin goes through this around the 2-3 month mark, where the calluses fall off from your feet. If this happens at home, when we pull off our sock and we see a cloud of skin flacks floating around, now imagine this in space, zero gravity, not a whole lot of ventilation and sharing the same space with others. not good. for this reason NASA astronauts, when this starts happening, have to undress in front of a air filter, so that all these dead skin flakes get sucked into the filter and later on can be disposed

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