Stuff I Found out today on the Internet
Episode 13

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 13

Nuno Meneses published on

sometimes product description may sound confusing or fall under the “they wouldn't  do that” category, because let's face it, a company wouldn't do that. well this company did. if anyone has ever played cards against humanity, they know the card game isn't for the easily offended or sensitive kind. and the company rolled with that. cards against humanity, did a special black friday deal, where they would let you get your hands on a extremely limited edition box of bullshit for a low low price of 6 dollars. 30,000 boxes were sold with literally what they said, bullshit. 30,000 people got bullshit in a box. cue the jokes and songs.


how many of us have used wikipedia for this or that, or even to do a complete collegue class. one thing i found very interesting about wikipedia is that they have a project called wikipedia zero. what it comes down to, is a massive online encyclopedia, just like regular wikipedia, but available to the people that live in areas where internet might not be available so they depend heavily on mobile internet, with that mobile charges tend to be heavy. what wikipedia zero does, it eliminate the mobile data costs to access wikipedia. currently wiki zero is in 61 countries with 69 operators already on board for this service. way to go wikipedia!

oh man, this one made me laugh. we all know it suchs to get caught speeding nowadays, because it's nearly impossible to get out of it, with the cameras and speed sensors all over the places. but in 1902, the way police used to get you speeding was to hide inside trees with a stop watch. yup, in 1902 westchester county in new york had a system where 3 dummy trees trunks were put up on a road, 1 mile apart from each other. each tree trunk would have a officer with a stopwatch and a telephone. as a car passed, the first officer would start the watch and call the second tree, after the car passed the second tree, he would call tree number 3 while doing math to see if the car was speeding or not. if the car was speeding tree number 3 would lower a pole across the road to stop the car.


    ever felt like you are heavier, like 21 grams heavier?! well that's what Dr. Duncan Macdougall thinks and was able to prove it in 1901 that our souls has some weight. he weighed 6 people that were in the last leg of their lives due to age and tuberculosis. duncan over here, to prove his point took the patients, while in their beds, and put them on a very sensitive industrial sized scale and waited for them to pass. once they passed, duncan, noted a 21 gram drop in the person's weight. duncan later on ran the same experience on dogs, and nothing happened. after the results being published in 1907, psychologist Richard Wiseman, among others that these results were flawed, due to limited equipment, and lack of control over conditions. it was noted by this psychologist, that at time of death there is a spike in body temperature secondary to the lungs no longer cooling the body, thus making a person sweat while dying, making these the mysterious 21 grams duncan thought was the soul leaving the body.

I have noted along the years, things we consider nowadays as a good thing or a way to improve our lives were once a way of punishment. Today i discovered that treadmills share the same fate. Invented in 1818 by a english engineer, Sir william cubitt saw the prisoners were just being lazy, and thought, why not put them to work, and make them useful for them.  It was calculated that for a work day, between 6-8 hours, prisoners would climb anywhere between 5000 to 14000 feet in stairs. these treadmills were used for pumping water or power ventilators in mines.

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