Stupid for (Better Call) Saul

Stupid for Better Call Saul is the go to fan podcasts dedicated to AMC Better Call Saul. Hosted by Elaine Ewing (Producer of Stupid for Dexter and Stupid For Game of Thrones) and Travis Rink (2 Roger Corman Produced Films, Writer National Lampoon, Weekly World News) Stupid For Saul is more than just a typical recap podcast show. SFS will feature special guests including actors, writers and producers of Better Call Saul as well as recaps, rumors, predictions and Travis and Elaine use their vast TV knowledge to go in depth and discuss "Where does Better Call Saul fit into the patheon of TV greatness. 

Streamin' Garage is known as pioneers in new media production and live after shows. Starting with Stupid For Dexter and Stupid For Game of Thrones, Streamin' Garage was the first to produce after live fan shows. Guests include actors, writers and producers including people like Colin Hanks exactly 1 hour after the ending of Dexter Season 6.


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