Stupid for (Better Call) Saul

Episode 1

Stupid For (Better Call) Saul Teaser Episode

Mike Rotman published on

Elaine and Travis kick off our new fan podcast with background on Saul Goodman's role on Breaking Bad. They examine the cast including talking about where this new cast came from (Orphan Black, Spinal Tap) The also make predictions an talk about the night they met Vince Gilligan.

Elaine has a welath of TV knowledge. Elaine is a Perry Mason expert and historian who can identify the 4 different openings and countdown to a Perry smile to a Perry Shudder

Travis as a kid would circle his TV guide and set his alarm so he would never miss his favorite shows. 

Elaine and Travis offer a unique perspective and a weatlh of knowledge being super fans of TV since it's inception.  Both never shut up about how great Breaking Bad, Mad Men and the Wire are. They also like old movies that no one watches because they are in black and white. 

Streamin' Garage invented the live fan post show (Look it up- it's basically true!) Years before Talking Dead, there was Stupid For Dexter and Stupid for Game of Thrones. 

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  • Musings Of A Shibe

    Love the show and like that you will not be another recap podcast but something much different. Looking forward to the next ep.

  • Elaine Ewing

    First comment!! Thanks for listening!