Style Moguls
Episode 54

Csillia Olvedy - Gorgeous Guts & Happy Hormones

Maryum Sharif published on

Csillia Olvedy is a dietitian and nutritionist and this episode is the final part series for International Women's Day/ Month. We will actually celebrate the whole year round! 

Style Moguls Podcast - Episode - 54 we talk to Csilla about women's health especially how to style the inside of your body in-order to nourish the mind, body and soul. 

As women our bodies change through menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause, so this episode I talk to Scilla about how to get gorgeous guts and achieve happy hormones. 

A must watch for all women as we discuss Seed Cycling - proven to help bloating and enhance fertility. 

Please share this episode with your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, nieces and all who could benefit and avoid painful periods. 

Love and Blessings 
Maryum Sharif 

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