Style Moguls
Episode 3

Misbha Akhtar - Divorce to Boss Lady

Maryum Sharif published on


Misbah Akhtar is the founder of Single Muslim Mums, a non-profit organisation that aims to empower and support single mothers and also tackle the stigma attached to them via promoting awareness.

Her website provides resources, articles, interviews and reviews that enable mothers to reconnect with their 'why' - giving them a sense of purpose and passion through mindfulness and gratitude in Islam.

Miabah is also the author of Ramadan Without Daddy the first Muslim children's book to tackle the issue of divorce and absentee fathers from a child's perspective. Ramadan Without Daddy is a story of hope and courage. It is perfect for families that want to explain divorce to children or demonstrate the different types of families that exist within our society. 

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