Sunrise Arcade
Episode 34

E3 Special Part 2

Sunrise Arcade published on

We look at our favourites from E3 2019 and look at some of the details after the conference has settled.

We look at Ori and the Will and the Whisps, Jake and Alam are cautiously optimistic about Bleeding Edge. Bethesda toils away at fixing Fallout 76, we talk the weird Gears of War 5 trailer. We also discuss Battletoads, The new DBZ RPG.

Nathan will not play the new Blair Witch game, we talk about Borderlands 3 and the free Borderlands 2 updates and DLC, Nintendo's getting the Witcher 3 (Also known as the 'Switcher'),

Alam will create Mr Bean for Cyberpunk 2077, we discuss Deathloop's new teaser trailer, Ghostwire: the new horror-action mystery title, we discuss the pitfalls of permanent character death in Watch Dog: Legion, and Final Fantasy 8 is getting remade/remastered for modern consoles.

We discuss Final Fantasy 7 remake's release schedule, we have a laugh at Doug Bowsers introduction to fans at the Nintendo conference. Jake and Nathan continue to try and convince Alam to play Animal Crossing.

We also continue to discuss the Pokemon Pokedex controversy, we discuss the future of Smash Ultimate and talk about the first teases of a Breath of the Wild sequel.


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