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99 Problems & Diablo is One (Blizzcon and Diablo Immortal) SCS: 99

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Blizzcon came to the Super Co-op Squad hometown of Anaheim Ca!  Garrett Laney spent the entire weekend at the 'Con checking out every. single. thing.  We break down all of the news and reveals coming out of the event.  Warcraft, WOW, Overwatch.........and Diablo Immortal.

This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast.  Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss the latest video game new, trends and games. Join the Squad as they love, hate and have some laughs about everything going on in the video game industry. Come and enjoy the great banter between great friends about all the topics you love (and love to hate) each week!

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