Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 5

BOM: Nightmare Circus! Halloween Special

Cania Emsley published on

The Book of Megadrive Arrives again with a Halloween SPOOKTACULAR. Instead of playing the game we said we were going to, we decided to make a quick fun Halloween episode that imploded under the weight of the game being too goddamn weird.

This is the second attempt.

What we thought was a half finished piece of garbage turned out to be a sprawling maze of Completely Original Evil Circus imagery, with puzzles and mysteries that are still not completely known to us. There’s no game we’ve ever played quite like this one. Come with us we brave this circus, this...Nightmare Circus if you will. It’s a ghoulishly good time except when it’s a total pain in the neck like a vampire bite. [Additional Halloween Joke Here].

Topics discussed include Shrug’s Lecture on Carl May pt 1, Maggot Tubes, What’s on Ramona’s Mind, Ambulatory Table Saws, What Ever Happened to Tim Burton, a wide array of Jacks, Puppetry, Creepypastas, U-Program Technology, and much much more!

Starring @false_city, ramona_lf, @shrugopolis, and @automatictiger

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