Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 2

BOM2: Monster World IV

Cania Emsley published on

The Book of Megadrive opens on the final original installment in Westone’s Wonder Boy series. Fantasy, adventure, conveyor belts, and fat cat-birds abound in this late 16-bit era gem. And you get to play as a girl too!

In this episode we discuss: Killer Mike, Fat Bird Cats, Zoroastrianism, The Campbellian Monomyth, Funky Jumping, A Major Improvement to Shadow of the Colossus, why the queen has a room full of body builders, where the hell the IV comes from “Monster World IV”, and much more.

Starring Automatic Tiger (@automatictiger), Ramona (@lonelyfrontier), Shrug (@shrugopolis), Stavekoff, and Tulpa (@memorioustulpa). With a special appearance from VastleCania (@VastleCania) and contributions from Notbov!

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