Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 4

BOM4: Bonanza Brothers

Cania Emsley published on

Vastlecania gives the Megadrivers their toughest job yet: talking about a very simple arcade game for longer than it would take to play through the dang thing.

Fortunately, Bonanza Bros also turns out to be one of the better games we’ve played on the cast so far. This is a breezy episode of heroic crime capers, close calls, and childhood nostalgia.

Topics Discussed include: The ethics of clonecest, Z-Axis abuse, Mario’s religion, dirigibles, people made of plastic, Andre the Giant, pyramids, arcade games vs ARCADE games, and Tumblr role-play blogs.

Featuring the Megadriving of: @Automatictiger, Notbov, @Ramona_lf @shrugopolis, and @VastleCania

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