Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 26

SNEX26 - Holy Umbrella - Dondera's Wild!!

Cania Emsley published on

Only a week and a day late, it's Episode 26! We talk about atheist babies, 3D0face (again), imperialism, supposition, and dong zones. Oh, and Holy Umbrella - Dondera's Wild!

Holy Umbrella: Dondera's Wild is, surprisingly, not based on an anime or a manga. It's about a young boy who picks up a magical umbrella and is transported to a land of talking penguins, evil robots, and overworld maps. It combines RPG and Platformer traits into something that's...basically a platformer, but with a lot of talking. and you can buy stuff. Each level consists of platforming and smacking enemies with your umbrella. You can also play as multiple characters!

It was released in 1995, developed by Naxat and Earthly Soft, and published by Naxat.

Hosted by VirtualClint and starring: CourierRice, Bachelor, Rudie, Sakriuna, Shrug, and Tulpa.

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