Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 35

SNEX35 - Alien vs. Predator

Cania Emsley published on

In this episode, we discuss the terrible consequences of comic book crossover movies, getting kicked in the balls at a Chick Fil-A, Danny Glover's huge pants, and the true strength of owls. Oh, and Alien vs. Predator.

The Alien vs. Predator we're talking about is the first of FOUR video games about predators hunting aliens, although they are all completely unrelated and made my different companies. This game is what can loosely be called a Beat-Em-Up. You play as the predator and utterly destroy as many xenomorphs as possible using a large array of moves, such as Punch, Kick, and Laser.

StarringĀ Automatic Tiger, OneSecondBefore, Shrug, Tulpa, and VirtualClint

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