Super Nintendo Exploration Squad
Episode 45

SNEX45 - Wonder Project J

Cania Emsley published on

In this episode, we discuss how to have an 8 person podcast, Frankenstein, shiny suits, Tulpa quitting, JustBreed, Medieval Books, Keno...oh and Wonder Project J.

Wonder Project J is a 1994 adventure game/ life simulation game, starring Pino, who is definitely a real boy. Train your android boy Pino to lift weights, read books, and possibly stab people with swords. You do this by pointing him to items using the fairy Tinker as essentially a cursor, then praising or scolding him for what he does with that item. This changes his stats and available skills. 

It was developed by the Almanic Corporation, otherwise known as Givro corporation, known for such titles as Wonder Project J 2 and Cosmic Carnage. It was published by Enix, who also released the more famous game Just Breed.

It was only released in Japan, but it had a fan translation released in 2001, only 7 years later! That's what everyone (but Rudie) played.

Starring Mara, Rudie, Srug, Closed, Tulpa, Automatic Tigress, Ramona, and Cania. 

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