Super Speeders
Episode 5

Episode 5 - Blipshift Myself Over A $2000 Mclaren Battery

Rob Ferretti published on

Kelsy Hill, Motorsport and BMW chick joins us on location at Shivams NYC apt to talk about BMWs, Robs Craigslist purchase, BMWs ticketed in Switzerland, sending creepy things to car chicks, manual transmissions dying off like dinosaurs, how to eject from a fighter jet, how much hp is too much for most, new cars that look worse then the cars they are replacing, new mclaren coming out, mclarens $2000 battery, whats under the clearcoat of pimp my ride, replicars and kit cars, lamarossa,  Vikings, and an Adventure Drives update. Sit back and entertain yourselves for an hour, we sure did. 

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