Surfer Of Life Host Tomi Räisänen is a former professional ice hockey goalie and since his career as a player has been working in the healthcare department. "I'm a physiotherapist  and I am very interested on the mindset and how it is effecting us in sports, performance and everyday life. Surfer Of Life is concentrating on the focus and mindset. We can all learn from my high performer guests how they focus and build their mindset in order to perform at the highest level." 

Surfer Of Life is bringing you real life stories of important moments in peoples lives. This podcast is digging deeper on the mindset of top performers and experts on the field.  We often concentrate on the physical aspect but forget that strong and well built mental focus is the one that truly makes a difference. We will find out how peoples mindset is effecting in different situations and how we can build out mental fitness to a different, better level. To find out what makes the top performers so unique just come along and enjoy this amazing ride. Tomi will be interviewing highly talented performers who use their own words to share their experience and knowledge that has made a difference in their lives. These interviews are genuine and unedited, nothing fake!  We can all learn from guests experiences to bring our mindset to the next level and find the talented, focused and happy Surfer Of Life in ourselves!


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