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Episode 50

Apocalyptica's Paavo Lötjönen - Over 1500 Shows Step By Step

Tomi Raisanen published on

Despite the success which includes millions of sold albums and over 1500 shows Paavo Lötjönen has kept his feet on the ground. He is enjoying the ride small steps at a time and believes that this is one of the secrets why Apocalyptica is still going strong. 

Join us as we talk with Paavo about:

- How was Apocalyptica based
- What type of instruments he played when he was young
- How was he raised in a classical music family
- How much does physical condition effect playing cello
- Shifting energy through music
- How does it feel to travel many weeks with the band

19:47 What kind of an impact success has on Paavo
23:03 The importance of focusing on the present

24:12 How Apocalyptica has stayed together over 20 years

28:08 Tour life after getting children

32:24 One big rule that Apocalyptica has before the shows

The power of the mountains

37:00 Nervousnes and the control over it
How he overcomes his fear of performing

46:00 You can't fool the audience

49:37 Alpine skiing as his biggest passion 
Power of the mountains

55:00 Best part of being a successful musician

56:50 Is it good to follow your passion

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