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Episode 63

Breathe to Prevent Altitude Sickness - Steven Posner

Tomi Raisanen published on

Steven Posner climbed to Kilimanjaro in 50 hours without any acclimatization and without previous experience of mountain climbing. And he did almost the whole expedition bare chested! 


How is this possible? With right breathing techniques, determination and positive affirmations of course!


Learn to understand how to avoid altitude sickness using right kind of methods for preparation and during the summit. 



00:01 Trailer


02:00 Introduction


02:53 Feelings after Kilimanjaro summit


04:37 Biohacking ourselves

  • How it can help us to live a healthier life
  • We are not prisoners of our genes



07:45 What was the start for Steven’s personal biohacking journey

  • First Wim Hof Method winter experience 
  • Mind Valley 
  • Upgrading mind body and soul systems
  • We can do more so much more
  • Feeling great when turning hundred years old


10:48 Biohacking tools

  • Wim Hof Method
  • Changing the relationship with food
  • Turning back the biological time


14:22 Can we”over-biohack” yourselves

  • Practice efficiency 


17:05 Building self awareness


18:44 Changing routines

  • First hour of the day 
  • Little changes matter


21:30 How do you implement everything to your life


22:43 Why did he become a Wim Hof Method Instructor


24:30 How was the WHM Instructors course different than other WHM experiences


26:00 Kilimanjaro 

  • Guides and porters are the rock stars


29:08 When and why did Steven decide to summit Kilimanjaro



31:32 Preparation for the climb

  • Fitness bucket and Breathwork bucket
  • Buteyko method + Wim Hof Method
  • Mindset
  • Teaming up


41:15 Using both Buteyko and Wim Hof Method  

  • The effects of both methods and how to combine both in terms of fighting against AMS (acute mountain sickness)


43:20 Talking about fear


47:30 The Route 

  • People’s reactions the they saw the group climbing on shorts


50:44 Keeping the oxygen levels up

  • How heavy was the climb
  • What kept him going


54:00 Trusting instincts

  • Enjoying the ride all the way up
  • Important decisions


56:45 How Steven was using Wim Hof Method during his summit


58:30 The final part to Uhuru Peak

  • Intentional slow pace
  • Affirmations waking up the life force
  • The power of the mind


01:01:15 Was any of the group showing any signs of AMS 


01:06:00 The descending in Kilimanjaro

- Keeping the concentration


01:07:58 The worst memories of the expedition


01:10:18 Best memories


01:11:00 Biggest learning experiences 


01:13:00 How will this experience effect Steven 

  • We all have our own Kilimanjaro


01:14:10 3 best advices for me if I want to summit Kilimanjaro


01:15:10 Can mountaineers benefit from right breathing techniques 

  • Up in 6000m without acclimatization and no mountaineering experience without any altitude sickness symptoms
  • No muscle soreness 107 km tracking up and down 
  • Breathing as a great help on the hikes


01:18:45 Steven’s next biohack


01:20:01 Last Questions

  • If Steven would get a superpower what would it be
  • What makes him feel down
  • What makes him happy




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