Surfer Of Life
Episode 15

Dimitri Kneppers - Pioneer Of House Music

Tomi Raisanen published on

Music makes us love and connect! Dimitri Kneppers from Holland is a true pioneer DJ in the House Music scene. He Began his career as a DJ already in 1982 and since then he’s passion to music led his way to be nominated in the TOP 3 DJ’s in the world and three times as the best DJ in The Netherlands. He has travelled around the globe several times by sharing his music to people and still continues doing what he loves. On the way he has suffered from addictions and had his under leg amputated. In this talk he shares he’s story as a DJ and as a person who has overcome his addiction in order to live a healthier life. How is it possible that amputation can change your life for better? Enjoy our conversation and find out how sometimes the most dramatic incidents can improve the quality of our lives. 

Maybe you have felt his beats in the Love Parade?

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