Surfer Of Life
Episode 54

Josafath Herrera - How To Manage Stress

Tomi Raisanen published on


Josafath Herrera, master of martial and dealing with stressful situations sat down with me to talk about stress management. We all have to cope with stressful situations every day but do we really understand the whole concept of stress? After listening to our conversation you will definitely know more about stress and what are the key factors when managing it!

0:01 Episode introduction 

1:26 Trailer

2:38 Start

  • Topic
  • What is Josafath teaching in Finland and overall
  • Why I wanted to talk about stress management

4:51 Stress

  • What is stress
  • How do people react to stress
  • Why do we get a stress response


6:50 What does stress mean in martial arts


8:57 Uniqueness of stress to each person

  • Fears and demons and how to handle them
  • Accepting and understanding stress

12:13 Natural response when facing your fears

  • Many whys
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone
  • Adapting to different situations

15:30 How does Josafath teach people to face stress

  • Deeper fears 

16:15 Being conscious

  • How can we learn that
  • How does the path for consciousness start

21:50 World is full of stressful situations

  • We need stress in our lives
  • Enjoying the carnival of life

26:02 Different responses to stress

  • How to change the stressors inside you

28:40 Conscious and unconscious responses to stress

  • Fear and pain changing human behavior

30:15 Different ways to train people

  • Learning to trust on yourself
  • Conscious action turning to unconscious action
  • You can be traumatized in 5 seconds

32:55 What does trauma really mean

  • Mastering stress

33.42 How to teach children

  • Inspiration and Intimidation
  • Using our heart
  • Proper stressors are necessary for survivor

39:40 Working on autopilot

           Skills for autopilot

  • Right suspension for our own airplane

Finding the answers inside yourself

43:35 How has Josafath learned to handle stressful situations

  • Accepting failures

45:50 Specialist who cope with stressful situations at work

  • Price to pay

49:00 How to cope with everyday normal stressors

  • House, sex and food
  • Work related stress
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