Surfer Of Life
Episode 13

Josafath Herrera - Master Of Martial Arts

Tomi Raisanen published on

May is present you Mr JOSAFATH HERRERA!

Josafath Herrera has taught people, groups and battle forces all around the world to act in dangerous situations and to learn how to handle our fears, ego and mind to be able to protect ourselves but mostly to learn to live a fulfilled and joyful, GOOD life! Josafath is accepting all the bad in the world but truly is on the good side himself. He is a master of martial arts even he considers himself as a student amongst others. This humble man is so skilled that it goes beyond my imagination and yet he sees nothing so special of himself. Join us in this interesting talk were we first find out if burrito's really exist in Mexico and then we really get in to the subject of self protection, martial arts, combat sports, breathing, energy levels and so much more. 

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