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Episode 62

Kalle Carranza - Never Stop Learning

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Kalle Carranza is a surfer who has been on the covers of different surf magazines including Surfer Magazine, Surfer’s Journal and Wave’s Magazine. Kalle quit his career when he didn’t get the satisfaction anymore. This seems to be his way of living, following his intuition and heart. Kalle is passionate surfer and also has a great passion of learning new skills. Find out how this great surfer is spending his time and what he values in life. 


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0:01 Foreword 


1:24 Trailer


2:55 Introduction


3:39 How is he dealing with cold water

  • Is wetsuit effecting the feeling 


7:30 Is surfing a lifestyle, sport or both


9:13 How to describe a Surfer

  • Why are surfers laid back
  • Sacrificing for good waves


12:23 Most important skills to have as a surfer


13:55 How to read waves


15:28 How does it feel to ride a wave


16:44 Why is surfing the most difficult sport

  • How to practice surfing
  • How has the scene changed after his professional career
  • The impact of Mick Fanning


21:00 Breathing in surfing

  • Difference between big and small waves
  • How to cope the situation when you are dragged below the surface


24:00 Is he ever scared

  • How to overcome fear
  • What defines a scary situation in surfing


28:08 Should we fight agains the forces of nature or just go with the flow 


30:15 Career as a surfer starts The start

  • The ride
  • The end


33:30 How did he become a professional surfer

  • How did one photo change everything



36:18 Setting goals

  • How important it is to set goals


38:20 Quitting his professional career

  • How important it is to follow your intuition


40:00 Moving to Finland

-    How did it feel to be ”nobody”


41:45 The love of learning new things


44:20 What did he realize in Finland 


46:30 Sayulita as home

  • Roots
  • Business, current work


50:00 Can we all learn to surf

  • Most important aspects when learning to surf


51:48 Plastic destroying our planet


54:30 Last questions

  • What would be his superpower
  • What makes him feel down
  • What makes him happy



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