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Episode 57

Kenny Belaey - How To Make The Impossible Possible

Tomi Raisanen published on

Kenny Belaey is a multiple World Champion and a Guinness world record holder in Bike Trials. After almost two centuries Kenny is still one of the top riders in the world. Find out how he has been able to consistently develop his skills during his long career and what still motivates him to learn more. 


Kenny did an amazing slackline project up on mountain territory. Listen and find out how he made this seemingly impossible project possible. 


Find Kenny and his amazing stunts and multiple different projects:


Thank you @belaeydrones for the video material!



0:01 Foreword


01:05 Trailer


02:41 Introduction


05:15 Bike Trial as a sport

  • Different ways to execute the sport 


6:55 What kind of abilities you need to have to become a good trials rider

  • How and what to practice 
  • How strong you need to be in order to be a world cup level rider


8:50 The mental aspect in bike trials

  • How to build your mental capacity
  • What has made Kenny mentally a strong athlete


11:02 How did Kenny start his career 


12:08 How has his family supported him during his career

  • Parents support being th most important factor to become a top athlete


13:34 Road to become the best

  • When did Kenny realize that he can be the best trials rider in the world


15:00 Hard work and hunger to win year after year

  • How has he kept his standard


16:54 2018 World championships in China

  • What kind of an impact and old injury had on him during the competition
  • Why is warm up difficult in competitions 
  • Importance of the ”killer instinct”


19:09 How is Kenny handling disappointments

  • How has his reactions changed during a long career


20:40 ”The eyes reveal everything”

  • What makes the different when making it to the podium or not


21:50 How important is sportsmanship 

  • Mentality in competitions
  • Competitive side becoming an ugly side
  • Staying true to yourself
  • How to adapt the sportsmanship from sport to life in general


25:35 Kenny’s values


26:58 Competitions

  • Preparation before a competition
  • Master plan


29:04 How is Kenny handling the nervousness before competitions and shows


31:05 How to stay focused

  • Recovery after mistake
  • Never look back


32:50 How did a wrist injury change everything in Kenny’s life

  • More fun equals better results
  • Becoming a better person
  • Never underestimate the power of an injured athlete!


37:59 Different shows being a big part of the sport

  • NBA halftime shows etc.
  • Difference between shows and competitions
  • Why is it important to do shows


43:00 Slackline Project

  • The amazing story of riding bike on 120m highline
  • How to make the impossible possible


52:40 Red Bull as a sponsor

  • Co-operation with the biggest sponsor in extreme sports


55:00 Self marketing

  • Important things to understand when working with the sponsors


58:00 What is the sacrifice to become a professional rider


1:00:13 Last questions
















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