Surfer Of Life
Episode 11

Right Mindset Takes You Where Ever You Want - Sami Sillgren is European Champion, Private Banker And a Clown Diver

Tomi Raisanen published on

Sami Sillgren is  a Finnish and Swedish National champion and a European Champion in American football. He's passion is to make people happy and he really is able to make people laugh when he is performing as a Clown Diver. The right state of mind has taken Sami in different adventures during his life and he is fully enjoying the ride! On the way there has been some setbacks and Sami will share his feelings when he went through tough times after injuring himself. Sami is a big man and a big personality with a very good vibe!  Sit back, relax and listen as we talk in Sami's cosy sauna cottage. 

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