Swagger Swerve

Episode 26

Ever had to perform in front of a Royal Queen? AceQuared did. Although the show didn’t go as good as planned, Ace didn’t let that stop him one bit.

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“When people say, ‘I did it myself’, No, man you didn’t do it yourself. No matter how much energy and work you put into that project you had people with you helping, as inspiration or someone giving advice. It’s honestly selfish to say that, ‘It was me. I did it’, but you didn’t.” – AceQuared


Listen to AceQuared’s “Pancakes” here:


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·         His story of how he overcame not performing his best in front of the Queen


·         His first journey to Toronto, how he found his manager, home studio and got into recording


·         How he gets into the zone recording a song and how he likes performing live, connecting to people in contrast with performing in the studio


·         If he likes the song and his friends likes the song enough that they don’t get tired of listening to it for a month then he knows his song is ready


·         You have to become a family and respect each other when it comes to working into creating songs. Even though it’s business you have to trust each other and treat each other like family


·         The story behind the song “Pancakes” and why it’s his personal favorite.


An album is in the works for AceQuared and is scheduled to be released summer of this year. He plans on showcasing his diversity in music, in Pop, RnB and Hip-hop.


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