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Episode 32

How would you like ot Define your Career on your Own Terms ? The amazing talent Richie Kotzen shows us how to do it right

GEOFF Antonio published on

Hello Hello,

I hope you are doing great, working towards your goals and honing your skills as a musical artist. I am happy to introduce a very special guest – Richie Kotzen.


In this episode you will learn the following:


  • How Richie started his journey from instrumental records to one of the most promising American guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer.

  • The process of developing your own voice, your own talent, you need to try to emulate an artist until you can come up with your own.

  • How he adapted his career to promote online and how that help get control of his career.

  • Get to know his process in how he creates songs and produces in his home studio.

  • How a simple melody and song can turn out into something exceptional.


“If you’re a creative person, you don’t want to keep writing the same song over and over again.” -Richie Kotzen


Catch our latest episode and listen to Richie Kotzen and his journey through the help of his passion in music.


Check out Richie Kotzen’s link:



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