Swagger Swerve

Episode 33

How would you like to take a Trip to Mexico and Write the Best Music of your Life? Caleb Hawley shows you how and dives into his amazing work

GEOFF Antonio published on

Hello Hello,


Happy Bunny Day to you all….For those of you not just hunting for Easter Eggs, but chasing the dream. I have a very special guest for you today.

The one and only – Caleb Hawley


In this episode you will learn the following:


  • How Caleb got started his journey from playing guitar to becoming a soulful and great vocalist.

  • His process of going down to Mexico and finding his magic to gain inspiration to write and record new music.

  • How he writes music and his process of producing new music.

  • How to find the perfect mixing engineer for tracks

  • How to quickly record a cover song proper but still make your own style

  • How a News Headline can inspire the them of your next song


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