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Episode 35

Is a Successful Career as Simple as Just Saying Yes? Benedic Lamdin Shows us how doing just that can make a lasting career in Music

GEOFF Antonio published on

Hello Hello,


I hope you are hustling hard to make sure you live up your dream through the thick and thin. I have a very special guest for you today. The one and only, Benedic Lamdin.


In this episode you will learn the following:


  • How learning from experience will get you where you want to be with in the future.

  • How he copes with short attention span of users of the digital age looking for new songs all the time.

  • How his two elements of writing a song helps him build a form.

  • How he says yes to new opportunities

  • How he always makes sure he leaves his own mark, authenticity and originality on all his songs


Geoffs favorite Recommended songs of Benedic Lamdin:


  • Cinematic Soul


  • Waiting Here for You


  • Look No Further


  • The Family


Link to her music is here:

“In life, we’re grateful for what is given to us and what comes in. It’s good to just go with it and see where it takes you and where it goes. If people kind of correctly identify what they are good at and then do it, you always end up with something good.” -Benedic Lamdin


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