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Episode 14

Swagger Swerve with Crystal Tamar an amazing Singer / Artist who has Defeated her Introvert Tendencies to Being able to Rock the Stage to Thousands

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I hope you have been reading my newsletters lately. As you know, we have a passion of keeping people informed about the music world and the joys it brings all us music lovers. So, this week we are bringing to you Crystal Tamar from Houston, Texas who is known for being a former member of  Sophia Fresh.

With Sophia Fresh now in her rare-view mirror, Crystal Tamar is forging a new path for herself as a solo artist. She is coming out strong with her debut single “Nowhere”. It’s the very first song that she has recorded and it’s really special to her. It’s very close to her heart and exemplifies the sentiment she lives by.

Check out her song by clicking on the links below:

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The song ‘Nowhere’ records her the different journeys she undertook in her life. The song narrates all the times she has traveled from city to city but she admits that she is really nowhere without the love of her life.  Her smooth vocals shape this special love solo and you can hear the emotions in her voice when she sings, “Boy I just want us to grow. Even though they’ll be some pain”,. What she is trying to say through this song is “So come on, let me take you to the Bay and let me take you to my hometown and lets do love here and there.”

If you are an introvert and wants to continue working as a musician, Crystal has a different way to help you find a work-life balance. She’s an introvert but she knows how to balance life. She’s has got a low-key vibe and a flash as she thinks balance is everything for her. Gospel music was a transformation for her as it allowed her to learn how to deliver the message she was trying to send, it allowed her to communicate better, to express herself. Her R&B girl group ‘Sophia Fresh’ got booed on their tour with T-Pain. After that, they won the world by their high energy and funky music.

If you are an artist and are trying to overcome self-doubt, then Crystal has some advice for you that came out of her own experiences. She said that having a support system around you helps you a lot. You can’t do things alone and need your friends and family around. With strong support, you can ride the waves and touch the sky. Being away from home was a great deal for Crystal. This took her energy away from work, but at that time, her salvation was faith -- she started praying. She explained that her faith is so important to her and God is there to look over you. This faith is what kept her going through her highs and lows. Despite her brother’s death, she kept it all together and carried on with her work. All the while praying…

Catch our latest episode and listen to Crystal Tamar talk about her solo release ‘Nowhere’ and what it means to her.

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