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Episode 16

Swagger Swerve with music artist Erin Fox, an exceptional talented artist from Philly who shows Balance from going Solo and being in a Band

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Hello Hello - Music Lovers!

I hope this latest writing finds you well and your belly full of turkey leftovers. In the great words of Dave Matthews and others before him... Eat, Drink and be Merry!

This time I am getting back to you with Erin Fox . In our latest episode we discuss her solo work and her band  Resilient. Erin is a singer and songwriter; and she has been performing in the local music community for almost two decades.

Philly’s own Resilient serves to bring diverse and more electrifying music to the public. It’s a femme-driven band headed by songwriter Erin Fox, supported by her sister, Katie Fox, who is a drummer in the band. This band melds together 90’s influenced grunge rock with modern pop undertones to form a sui generis sound all on their own. Erin brings in what she refers to as a ‘song fetus’ composed on simple riffs and incomplete lyrics. The light, folky pop of her current ‘EP Your Joy’, and her first solo album, ‘Forbidden Youth’, both self-released albums are a source of amazement.



- What it's like to grow up in a music family in Philly


- How Life inspires art with her song "Tim for Doctor" with Health Care


- Her love of Prince and cover of "Nothing Compares to U"


- The importance of both being in a band and going solo


- The importance of meditation and how her day begins and ends


- So Much more!


Erin developed an interest in music very early on in life. Growing up in a music family in Philly was a blessing for her. She was inspired by her mother and wanted to be just like her. Her sister was the reason she started playing music in the first place.  

She loved Prince and his song ‘Nothing Compares to U’. She is a huge fan of Prince and we share that in common. It was his energy that she was most fond of. After working in her band Sugar High, she started working on her solo songs with her first release in July 2018. She said that when you work solo, everything has to come from you. While working in a band you get ideas from people working with you.

Erin loves to meditate and she starts her day doing some physical activities and meditation. Her song ‘Time for Doctor’ is a perfect blend of how life inspires art. She had an experience with cancer which inspired this song. ‘Time for Doctor’ comes from a place of frustration with our current state of health care in the U.S.  She suggested that we can always do better and learn from the experiences of others. Her song ‘Tomorrow’s Yesterday’ is also from her personal experiences, mainly those with her family and friends. Catch the latest episode and listen to Erin and find out how she beat cancer with music.


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