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Episode 17

Swagger Swerve with music artist Erin Tidwell of the Allstar Band- Bizou - Teaches us to Follow our Dreams by Either Getting on the Train or Get Off!

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Hello - Hello Music Junkies!

Welcome to our latest newsletter, this week we had an episode with Erin Tidwell of the supergroup Bizou.



- The importance of playing with your good friends and how it benefits the music

- When pursuing your dreams you either need to "Get off the Train or Get Off", just do it

- How doing things outside of music allows you to live life and have inspiration to come back to the art

- How playing live brings an inner peace

- So Much More!


Erin Tidwell is a multi-instrumental artist who is best known for her hard-hitting drumming. She has played for different bands such as Shoreline Dream, Overcasters and Cowboy Curse. She has also worked with LA bands, The Cold and Lovely, and The Graysmiths.

Crossing paths in the Los Angeles music scene, they all became close friends and from there Bizou was born. This band features the talents of Mina Prietto, Josiah Mazzaschi, Nicole Fiorentino, Erin Tidwell and Nicki Nevlin. Together they have created a band, which creates music that feels perfectly right. The members of Bizou, all of whom are best friends, refer to themselves as the ‘supergroup’.  The fact that all of the band members have been friends for a long time, makes it easier for them to play together. They collectively create music together, but with a modern twist.

If you are looking to pursue your career in music, you should know how to create a music that feels right. Erin believes that playing with your best friends makes things easier. When friends play together it allows them to let things go, which not only strengthens their bond, but also makes music more fun.

The passion to pursue a career in music also pushes you to travel and see the world for yourself. It offers a learning opportunity and a chance to get to know great people. She believes that meeting different people is great way to discover new music, new ways of thinking and of creating unique music masterpieces, which brings me onto my next point. If you want to go after your dreams just close your eyes and go for it, ‘Get on the train or get off’.

Erin suggests that in order to take a step ahead towards your goals, it’s important to get past the negative thoughts in your mind.  As musicians, balancing your work with the rest of the life can be tricky. But don’t worry! Erin has some tip to help you find the perfect balance. She explained that there is no need to overfocus. You can do other stuff besides music like hiking, caring for animals and running your own business. It’s important to take a break for your work and to find distractions which make you happy.

Finding inner peace requires an incredible amount of work and effort. She said that the feelings of playing a live show are like taking in the energy of the crowd. It’s hard to explain but it brings inner peace.


That’s all for today! Catch our latest episode and listen to Erin talk about how music can change your life for good.


Geoff Antonio

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