Swagger Swerve

Episode 22

Swagger Swerve with Nao Yoshioka, the smooth R+B International singer from Japan to New York. Nao shows us how to break through in Life and Music

GEOFF Antonio published on


  • How she started singing internationally, growing up in Japan and knowing little English.

  • How she found the power of music, especially soul music and how it helped her in her teens when she was suffering from depression.

  • What performing live does to her once she gets on the stage and how it just gets her in the zone and be confident.

  • Her experience singing in the Apollo and her struggle living as a musician in New York City. Her first impression of the States and the audience in contrast with her fans in Japan.

  • Her writing process and how she makes it that each of her albums have her story behind it.

  • How she found the right people who had the same interests as her and worked with them to achieve her dreams.

  • The importance of reconnecting to her roots again especially her family and rediscovering who she really is which gave her an inspiration for her next album.

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