Swagger Swerve

Episode 18

Swagger Swerve with the band No Small Children - School Teachers by Day and Rockstars by Night - Teach us about How to Hustle

GEOFF Antonio published on

Hello - Hello

We understand the curiosity you have about the current musical world, so we are bringing to you a well-known musical band named, ‘No Small Children’.


  • How they were able to go on a tour within three month of band formation

  • How they used their organizational skills to manage their band

  • How they were able to land their cover of “Ghostbusters” onto a movies soundtrack with ease

  • How they get their Swerve by getting their music to everyone

  • Part of evolving as an artist requires being Open.

  • When you want something badly, work your way backwards


Check out ‘No Small Children’ website’s link



Let's officially Swagger then Swerve

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