Swagger Swerve

Episode 20

Swagger Swerve with the insane talented Divinity Roxx - Music Artist / Virtuoso Bassist who has Rocked the World and Then Some

GEOFF Antonio published on

Enjoy this episode with the one and only Divinity Roxx!!



So much to learn from Divinity and apply to your own career! 



  • How she found her master, Victor Wooten, and what she learned touring with him.

  • The inspiration behind her signature hit “Rebel Ghetto Rock”, featuring her slap technique while rapping.

  • How important it is to connect with your fans and make them see you as a real person.

  • The challenges she overcame auditioning and landing a spot on Beyonce’s all-female band, battling it out with other more experienced contenders for the bass role.  

  • Her songwriting process, collaboration with her band and other musicians, recording and getting it out into the world.

  • How her vast influences from pop legend, Michael Jackson to 90’s rock scene’s Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana and bass heroes Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Bootsy Collins to name a few help shape her music as it is today.

  • Her greatest setback as a musician and how she overcame that.

Let's officially Swagger then Swerve

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