Swagger Swerve

Episode 19

Swagger Swerve with the unstoppable Rachael Sage - Music Artist / Record Label Owner- Shows DIY to a whole New Level

GEOFF Antonio published on


Hope your week is going phenomenal! This week we are bringing you Rachael Sage – a songwriter, entrepreneur, producer, and a visual artist.



  • How she attributes Preparation + Determination = Dumb Luck Success

  • When you get stuck on a part in the studio, move on to something else

  • The importance of a mentor and what she learned from her mentor Ani DiFranco

  • How she pulls inspiration from different form of art and real life

  • The importance of not being afraid to put your music out there

Rachael Sage is one of original and talented singers out there. She fills her music with compassion, determination and through the years has learned to make her personal journeys feel universal to listeners. The passion she has for music is what drives her forward.


Let's officially Swagger then Swerve

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