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Episode 12

Welcome Pop Singer/Songwriter - Rhia Hazel - She takes us through her Breakthrough of Believing in her Music and How She Writes Great Songs

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My guest today is talented and prolific singer / song writer / pianist Rhia Hazel. Rhia has traveled the world and in doing so she's been able to use that experience to inspire her writing.  From Los Angeles to Greece to her hometown in Melborne, Rhia is able to tap into her creative zone and put in the work to write amazing songs.  In this episode we delve into how she is able to:

- Collab remote online and in person

- Her process of how she get's into her creative zone

- How having a great mentor changed her life and advanced her career

- How being brave and putting herself out there was a reward


Check out Rhia's Links @


Check out her new single Closer @ https://open.spotify.com/track/7pCvqU8nG2YjigdMAYl5G6?si=94LIDlo0THCUEL4OQ_Dg6g


Make sure you tune in to learn more about this great Artist from Australia. Her music comes from self reflection and from the heart. Her music both empowers and inspires. 

Ladies and Gentlemen and Rhia Hazel,


COMING at you from LA

                                                      Thank you for joining me, now lets officially Swagger then Swerve


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