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Episode 1

The Influence of the Helicopter Parent on Students in Higher Education

Nicholas Sydow published on

On this podcast episode of Sydow and Melendez in the Morning we aim to help fellow educators and professionals recognize the concept of the "helicopter parent" and how they can impact the development of the college students that we have directly worked with in our careers. In trying to help students develop critical thinking skills and develop a sense of autonomy we wanted to discuss the impact of helicopter parenting, how we as higher ed professionals can navigate working with this type of parent, and finally how we can directly help those students develop that independence and equip them to reset expectations with their parents. 

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Nicholas Sydow and William Melendez



Nicholas Sydow and William Melendez


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Vinson, K. (2013). Hovering too close: The ramifications of helicopter parenting in higher education. Georgia State University Law Review 29(2), 423-452. Retrieved From:


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