Episode 105

TEAMHEEL PODCAST EP. 105: "All Over The Place"

TEAMHEEL Podcast published on

Episode 105 literally is all over the place random as always. We talked about Dana White calling wrestling "Fake Shit" and how the wrestling community are over reacting to it. Stone Cold Podcast with Paige and how it wasnt that bad. WWE signs 8-year-old Elijah Mainville for good PR and how wrestling fans need to relax and quit complaining. Could this be Connor "The Crusher" 2.0? Next Warrior Award? We review Lucha Underground "Ultima Lucha" How Awesome it was and the support of the fans makes it earn a Season 2. WWE programing heading to Destinaton America rumor and how stupid it would be. TNA No Surrender 2015 "Free Per View Review" Review. We discuss that the reason why the TNA and GFW invasion angle ended so quickly and stupid it was for it to end so quickly. We took live calls and so much more. ENJOY 

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