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Be an Insta Famer like Daniel Mason Jones

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Insta-Famer Daniel Mason Jones                            21 May 18


Insta-Gram fame was my first motivation for interviewing Daniel Mason Jones, an incredibly successful hairdresser with 40,000 IG followers, but his personal journey is wildly compelling filled with sorrow and triumph. Daniel Mason Jones has emerged into an Insta-famer, turning everything he sees and touches into a post that further pushes the fame. He integrates his break neck salon pace in with IG. He lets me know in exceptional detail with wit and humble humor how to duplicate this feat. Instagram fame is achievable for everyone, but it has its costs, like cars, fancy watches and lots of freebies. Daniel has become an influencer. But Daniels personal story is one of personal realization, coming to grips with his strict upbringing.  What interests me is his journey, from religious zealotry to funeral worker to starving stylist to a speed train of success.


Daniel Mason Jones says it isn’t about the number of followers, it’s about the engagement. “I have 39,000 plus followers, others have many more’” he says , but “I sometimes have 400 comments per post.” The engagement is significant as the he says he tracks his new client rates from IG to be 70 new clients to his Atlanta salon per week. With an average per client ticket of $93. The salon is being a affected in a very positive way, including, new staff, who are traveling from Florida and other states to join his team. His expectation is a 40% increase in staff this year alone.

Daniel Mason Jones, is a Loreal Professonal, a Salon Centric team member and an Insta-Gram influencer. Companies of all sorts want part of his action, with an affluent clientele, he has an important consumer in his salons. He told me about the boxes of products and beauty tools that show up at his door constantly. Each one is an opportunity for more posting. Each box he opens is a reveal done on Facebook or IG.  “Dont give up on Facebook. Facebook has the older clients and they have the non-pigmented hair. The word grey is insulting,” he says. Grabbing pics all day, as his salon with 50 plus employees are all engaged in getting more and more pictures. Throughout the salon is photo lighting, cameras and all sorts of equipment, but he still must drive the staff to get pictures. He advises: ask a question in the post, 30 tags per post, mix up the hash tags, put it under the comments, and make sure only 2 per day on facebook and Instagram, up to 5 on pintrest. Respond to each comment. He is religious and consistent about his pursuit of social media.

Maybe his way  has underpinnings to his extremely strict upbringing? Raised in a highly conservative and cloistered community of a cult like religious group, Daniel was shunned by peers in school and a realization from church elders that he was different than other boys in the congregation, he was ostracized, bullied and eventually excommunicated. He contemplated suicide.  Picking himself up and moving on, he always had a dream to work as a funeral director, being concerned for people was and still is his driving force. He found joy in preparing the hair and make-up of the cadavers for the funeral services. Family would compliment him on how wonderful their deceased relatives looked. He decided to flip careers and go into the beauty industry.

As a stylists, Daniel's career exploded. Yet, as a beginner he had very little training. He admits that his technical skill was very limited at that time. Yet he was the busiest in his salon. What causes a person’s success: technical skill or other factors? I don’t think the question will ever be answered completely, but his example shows how care  of the guest with lots of concern seems to work. Daniel will talk to you about hustle and how many clients he does each day. He is an energizer, doing up to 42 clients in a single day. Snapping pics, posting, and hash tagging. But his personal charisma is huge! He is a force. Atlanta is a competitive market with a lot of already large successful salons. To break into that market means you have to do something different.  Daniel Mason Jones has a lot to teach all of us.

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