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Eufora: The Next Generation

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Eufora: The Next Generation

How do you find your own voice in an industry where your father had such a huge impact? It is something I deal with all the time, but think about the young Sam Bewley. Sam now works for the company his late father founded and doing it great justice. As you can hear in this fascinating conversation with an important new voice in the professional salon industry, Sam Bewley is deep into his business and making new things happen. 
Eufora has been around since the 90s, slowly gaining steam, focused on the benefits of aloe vera for hair and scalp. Sam grew up in this crazy world of products and beauty shows, but made his way in the tech world at first. After his father passed away he made his way back to the family business and is now full time, with his wonderful mother and CEO Beth Bewley. 
In our conversation we discuss a wide range of topics, including the threat of Amazon. I love Sam's take on it, "we are in chapter 2," but if I jump in with Amazon what happens in chapter 6, 7 & 8? We determine that Amazon is the silver back guerrilla destroying so many companies in its path. Sam goes through an in-depth discussion about how Amazon targets and the potential fall out for companies that follow their direction. It isn't good. 
Sam knows his stuff!
In this conversation he describes Eufora. Sam talks about the different divisions of the company: products, hair color, education and some of the big events they put on. His favorite is, Global Connection. A massive fashion show, beauty education opportunity and salon party in San Diego. Sounds great even if your salons are not Eufora. 
Sam, clearly loves his company and is excited for the future of our industry. 
Take a listen to this podcast and/ or Youtube video from this new voice in our industry with a great beauty legacy and history. 

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