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Episode 24

Outrageous Salon Sales Success

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Sales Expertise using NLP

One of things I love about Brian Gilbert is how he embraces the risk in every human interaction. He has this knowingness about him. The ability to convey that he knows the truth and is willing to share, but it is going to cost you! It will cost you effort, time and possibly money, but in the end you will be better off for it.
I first met Brian when he was trying to do hypnosis on hairdressers that weren't confident enough, weren't creative enough and generally did not have enough of what it takes to be good behind the chair. I didn't buy it! A couple sessions to cure your career ills? Not possible!

But I am always fascinated by the outrageous, the mystical, the short cut,  and so I jumped in with Brian. I bought a series of sessions for him to hypnotize me.  I wasn't interested in being a better hairdresser, I was already a great hairdresser,  but academics, that was a problem for me.
I was always a C student. Yes I have a Liberal Arts BA, but I always struggled in school, even flunked 2nd grade after my parent's divorce. When I decided to get a Masters in Business, I went to Brian and he started to hypnotize me for better grades. It worked.  I got  all As and one B. Everything I had been reading about the mind being moldable was real. 

Brian will tell you that there is a close relationship between hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He owned salons in Chicago, and was selling so much product he was investigated for diversion of Aveda products. Is it moral to hypnotize people into buying your product? Brian will tell you, he isn't selling anything they wouldn't normally buy or what they don't need, further he isn't using hypnosis, he is using NLP.
NLP is what some of the best self-help gurus know and love. Tony Robbins is an early user, practitioner and expert.
All the best salespeople use NLP whether they know it or not, Brian says. Great sales people are very intuitive about the process, the programming and more. Brian is now out of the salon business, but has an intimate knowledge of how salons function, how creative people behave and what it takes to crank up a sales engine in salons. I have heard this amazing statistic bantered about that most clients buy products within 48 hours after leaving the salon. Why didn't they buy it from the recommending stylist? Brian will say it is because the stylist didn't say and do the right things. The client needs shampoo, why didn't they save themselves the trip? Brian now teaches and entertains corporate sales people in many industries. He is one of those guys who will hypnotize the person who swears they cannot be hypnotized but then he gets them to quack like a duck in front of 500 people. This may be a cost I need to absorb, because I will be that guy quacking.  He is coming to my salon to teach all the staff his amazing NLP techniques. 

You can find Brian at focusbdg@sbcglobal.net

Tony Gordon

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