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Episode 13

Salon Drama and More with Amy Carter from Empowering You

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Amy Carter Owner of Empowering You Coaching talks about Salon Drama & More 

One of things that is really interesting about Amy Carter is her understated but huge breadth of experience in the salon world. She runs a salon consulting company called Empower you and speaks with owners of different types of salons. She has helped with every conceivable salon crisis.  On top of that she has had multiple salons and currently owns Solaris Aveda in Evansville, Indiana.


Amy makes some strong points and expounds on her philosophy:

  1. Salons are filled with drama.

  2. Drama has a direct impact on the bottom line.

  3. Some top performers can sometimes be the most dramatic.

  4. It is ok to be Interested vs interesting with the client.

  5. Spa techs can be dramatic as well.

  6. If I have to think of you more than twice, you are gone.

  7. Different clients may want various environments: calm, edgy, etc.

  8. Some salon owners are running two pennies together to make ends meet.

  9. The laws of supply and demand don’t necessarily apply to this industry.

  10. Owners need to get out from behind the chair sometimes.  


Amy runs Empowering You as a unique consulting company. It is one that has salon owners talking to owners. She says she can get any salon, even one overlooking a corn or bean field, to a million dollars.She does it using coaching. A federally certified Life Coach, Amy and her team often find that the salon stinks from the head down. The owner and leads are sometimes the drama. It is often the case that owners need to get over their issues and then they show up to the store differently.


Amy’s coaches are the “real deal”, which gives them a big point of difference. She asks clients what they want to achieve and then holds them to it. Accountability is big for them, as it is for everyone. She says that sometimes teams hold owners back. Very often people cant see the new you, they are often comfortable with the old you, you have taught them that.


In a way we are all familiar with coaching as we had or saw how coaches operated in high School and other avenues of life. Coaches can be incredibly influential on individuals. It is such a rare thing to have a coach in the first place. But imagine if you allowed someone to coach you, someone who took it seriously and they were really invested in your success. How powerful could that be?


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