T Gordon Salon Talks
Episode 11

Salons are Like Bucking Broncos, They Can Throw you Off!

Tony Gordon published on

Keri Davis-Duffy President(Prezels) of 3 Gila Rut Salons in San Diego talks about her fabulous journey as a salon owner, her experiences and challenges. Keri often goes by Gila, happiness in hebrew, but many people call her Prezels. She has a long list of accomplishments, including: Top 200, presented at Aveda In this fun spirited conversation about salon and life in the beauty business, she goes over her experience as a Aveda Business College Purefessor. Why do salons fail? "Lack of systems, hiring, strong culture." What was the experience like to prepare and present at Aveda Congress.  Gila Rut is the  go to salon for San Diego Fashion Week. But salons are a wild ride. How to catch a thief? How to convey the great potential of this industry to aspiring students. Passionate about education from way back, she also created the web site beautybackbone.com helping other salons create trainers and more. "Salons are like a bucking bronco some issues throw you clear off." Join me for a wonderful conversation with this passionate, creative salon owner and soon to be pinned Intercoiffure member who has a plan for the future and steady trail ahead. Informative, entertaining and helpful for business owners and managers

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