T Gordon Salon Talks
Episode 6

The "Purefessor" Speaks! Aveda Salon Teacher Luca Boccia

Tony Gordon published on

Join me, in a fun , moving conversation with Luca Boccia co-owner of Pyure Salon.  Luca has been in the salon business since he was 23 years old. Young and brash, buying a 3000 sq ft salon with no experience, no money and no experience he has emerged as a force on the Aveda scene.  Always emersed in hair, like any other stylist without much regard for the business side of things. What makes people succesful sometimes is what kills another persons career. But then he got involved with the Aveda business college. Three going on four salons and a great system that takes value added to a whole new level. Luca's goal is world class experience for his guests. Join me in discovering the journey of of one of South Florida's premier salon organizations. This fun lively conversation will bring you back to why we do what it is we do. As a stylist how you can make someones day. How you can be part of team. See how Luca's experience has moved and how yours could do the same. 


For more info go to: pyuresalon.com and for more info on my Chicago based salon company go to gordonsalon.com

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