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Therapy or Coaching?

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Therapy or Coaching?

Coaching, mentoring, consulting, therapy— which one do you need? Brigette Sobus from Salon Soca and Empowering You Consulting, can help you! Everyone needs help sometimes. In fact I believe that almost everyone needs coaching at some point to take careers to the next level. Mentoring brings you to a higher place. Brigette is an expert as she is a certified coach with a national accreditation. She coaches various businesses, hair stylists and more. Brigette has been through a lot. She’s dealt with health issues, divorce, and runs marathons; but her knowledge and experience will help you get from point A to point B.

She talks about how people can control how they react to salon drama. You can't control any other aspect of the situation than your own reaction. How can we stop being victimized?

What is the difference between therapy, coaching, mentoring and consulting? Brigette defines each, completion and closure. These two key terms are what people get confused on. “Don’t let these past items become a ball and chain” she says. Holding people accountable and helping them hold to goals and project deadlines is what Brigette’s practice does.

Brigette says, “many owners in this industry don't take a paycheck, are hostages  to their employees and are just plowing all their money back into their business.” I personally was shocked to hear this and though I heard it before, I just don’t want to believe it.

Brigette is a survivor. Luckily going through her marathon training at the same time as a divorce, it was literally like therapy for her. Running marathons to reduce stress. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 40s.

But Brigette is alive and well. Ready to give you her wisdom. Find her and have a conversation. It's probably just coaching you need, but if not she has a therapy referral for you.


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