The purpose of the book of Haggai is to encourage the reconstruction of the Temple in hopes of bringing great blessings to Israel after the exile. Through God’s "messenger" Haggai, the Lord called upon the unfaithful remnant of his covenant people to repent and rebuild his Temple (Haggai 1:13).


In this series, one of our goals is to help the student realize that in the same way “rebuilding” God’s Kingdom is not only important but at the same time it is urgent. Most repeated words in Haggai is “Give careful thought” Haggai 1:5, 7, 2:15, 18 (NIV).



1. (Cognitive and Affective) At the end of the Series the Youth will understand and be compelled to NOT just be part of the movement, but also to start the movement NOW!

2. (Psychomotor) Challenge the students to share the Gospel to at least 3 students, use PCS, LMMR or gospel bracelets. After sharing the Gospel for 3 WEEKS, he/she must invite at least invite 3 students for UNITE. On the following weeks of the Series, we can measure the success of the challenge given to the students by also encouraging them to give short testimonies of what they have encountered while sharing the Gospel. This challenge is to make sure that “part of the movement” is active not passive. All Satellites should upload a groupie in fb with hashtag #TheTimeIsNow and/or #Unite2017.