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Episode 10

Deathmatch News Radio - Ep. 10

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Steven and Mike from Deathmatch News Radio #10 discuss all the news for the week of November 4th, 2018

Steve and Mike from the Deathmatch Cult put a lot of effort into this newsletter and the Deathmatch News Radio podcast. We have started a Patreon account with multiple tier levels of support that give access to interview archives, early podcast access and more.


You can find me online at, you can find The History of FMW Podcast in iTunes, Switcher and other podcast providers, Mike runs the Deathmatch Cult Facebook Pages and you can find us on Twitter @intlwrestling and @Willmichael1979

-Interview with Todd Gordon covering TWA, Joel Goodhart, Philly wrestling, Eastern Championship Wrestling, producing a TV show, Paul Heyman, Sabu and much more
-H20 Deathmatch Extravaganza Review
-Is RSP a top guy?
-GCW Spring Break sells out
-GCW swinging for the fences
-GCW as two different companies
-Dicks in wrestling
-GCW LA Confidential card
-LA Confidential After Party
-GCW needs storylines
-Results for the week
-Lucha News
-Ciclope and Miedo in AAA
-Guantos Hardcore Crew results and discussion
-Chilean deathmatch tournament
-Australian deathmatches and where to find it
-Jun Kasai, America and the “indie bubble” mindset
-BJW Sumo Hall Main Event Stip
-BJW Core Picks of the week

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