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Episode 2

Deathmatch News Radio - Ep. 2

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Check out the 2nd episode of Deathmatch News Radio!


Steven and Mike from Deathmatch Cult discuss all the news for the week of September 4th, 2018 -Nate Hatred's death -CZW Comping Tickets -CZW Dead? -Takeda vs. Kasai -Jun Kasai to DDT -Takeda schedule -ICW Insane 8 -Orin Vedit and Kody Rice -VOW Lords of Anarchy -H20 Subterranean Violence, Deathmatch Extravaganza and more -Matt Tremont vs Cody -IWA Midsouth in Milwaykee -Gage being stripped -Michael Elgin -Upcoming GCW shows and cards -NGI 3 Preview -What is GCW? -Triplemania Deathmatch -DTU/Zona 23 News -Miedo Xtremo and Ciclope -South African Deathmatches And More

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