THT Podcast
Episode 4

Deathmatch News Radio Ep. 4

Dirt Sheet Dudes published on

Steven and Mike from Deathmatch News Radio #4 discuss all the news for the week of September 18th, 2018 

-Reed Bently and John Wayne Murdoch to Zona 23 
-Lufisto not paid by DTU 
-Kasai announced for Big Japan 
-BJW Death Vegas 
-Ito vs. Takeda 
-Where do lighttubes come from? 
-Jaki Numazawa 
-Big Japan Sumo Hall card 
-Freedoms 9th Anniversary 
-Kasai vs. Takeda rematch for Bloody Xmas 
-Primo Slave to the Deathmatch 
-H20 Written in Blood results 
-Bloody Burgers Preview 
-Crimson Cup 
-Black Craft Wrestling 
-IWA Deep South talk 
-DJ Hyde 
-CZW Sucks 
-Big Japan “Golden” years vs. The CZW Invasion

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