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Episode 5

Deathmatch News Radio Ep. 5

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Myself and Mike from Deathmatch News Radio #5 discuss all the news for the week of September 25th, 2018 

You can find me online at, you can find The History of FMW Podcast in iTunes, Switcher and other podcast providers, Mike runs the Deathmatch Cult Facebook Pages and you can find us on Twitter @intlwrestling and @Willmichael1979 

-GCW Live Fast Die Young 
-GCW at White Eagle Hall in NJ for Mania Weekend 
-Matt Tremont 
-Upcoming H20 Shows 
-Casanova Valentine on Vice 
-Damian Abraham Wrestling Series 
-PCO Documentary 
-Ciclope and Miedo Xtremo in AAA 
-DTU Has No Shows Booked 
-John Wayne Murdoch and Bently in Zona 23 
-Lucha Shows on 
-Kodaka and Takeda injuries 
-Numazawa in a horror movie 
-Sei Ozawa 
-Cage Matches in Japan 
-TOD 1 Review

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